Horses & Carriages


horses_coach1An enchanting Victoria  carriage, built in 1840 by Charles Vermot of Paris, is resplendent in brunswick green livery with white linings and dark green metalwork.

Also in the corporate brunswick green is our Landau built in the mid to late 1900’s,  a social carriage with facing seats which will carry 4/6 people. The soft folding top is divided into two sections, front and rear, which latches closed in the centre.

As a third choice we have a Town Coach built in France around 1900, this carriage is totally enclosed.

Which carriage will suit me?

The Victoria is an open carriage where one can see well and be easily seen. The low comfortable body carries two, or ocassionally more, on an additional rear facing seat. The clear access, elegant style and comfortable seating make the Victoria very popular as a wedding carriage.

Queen Victoria who would often be seen riding in this type of carriage, as it was one of her favourite carriages when on her regular drives through the Royal Parks in London.

In the event of a shower or inclement weather the carriage hood can be raised. Additional coverings are also provided where necessary


horses_Interior2The upholstery is trimmed with ivory covers and is comfortable for two persons, but does have a rear facing seat which can accommodate two additional passengers.

Also available is a Landau, a convertible carriage named after a German city  in the Rhenish Palatinate. Our carriage,

Imported from the Netherlands a number of years ago, we have Jolle, Hearke and Rommy.horses_heads3

Lutse, a homebred son of Hearke and Ethany have subsequently joined the team

Elegant and traditional, the carriages are drawn by a pair of our black Friesian horses. Originally Friesians were used as carriage horses by the majority of the royal households in Europe and the breed is well known for their gentleness and driving ability.

Using a pair, both horses are harnessed using traditional collar harness rather than the less formal, and basic breast harness. This original leather harness was formerly used by the Earls of Pembroke and Montgomery and carries the family crest in silver.

The whole effect may be added to with the addition of white plumes.

Our coachmen are traditionally dressed in tailored livery to compliment the carriage.